Posted by: kathymcculloughcom | June 8, 2017

Hadiza Lantana Oboh

One of my friends in the International Society of Airline Pilots wanted me to put Hadiza’s information on our private memorial page. I was horrified to find out she was murdered. Hadiza came to our convention in Helsinki in 1991, and since there are no good photos of her online, I decided to post this one. May she rest in peace.

What a sad story about the only woman airline pilot for Nigerian Airways. Why are strong, successful women such a threat to the people around them?

As the writer of the article below, Anthony Omoh, states: “…sadly she was so focused on her career and probably did not notice the green eyes that glared at her with so much repulsion, jealousy and anger just for being successful in her chosen profession.”

1991 30 Helsinki



  1. What a horrific story. Thanks for posting the link. The article in the paper was a bit confusing to follow, but not to be unexpected with the difficulty in translation, and the apparently different versions of what happened from the various authorities. What a sad end to a valued woman in their society.

  2. I know it is confusing… some of the other ones were too, so this seemed to be the best one.

  3. Sad to read about the gruesome end of a lady that conquer the skies. May her soul continue to rest in peace

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